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Kayenn - Producer and Director

Bryan, Director and Camera/DP

Kayenn's film career has spanned more than twenty five years. Starting in the world of advertising, he’s worked as an editor, creative director, and producer in a variety of formats. He was the founder of Hakuna Matata Entertainment, and worked with major hollywood studios on creating EPK's for some of the biggest blockbusters.  


Originally from India, he resides in the US with his family.

A real-person, slice-of-life director, Bryan is skilled in casting actors and real people, particularly children, and developing and discovering their characters, bringing out natural performances from professionals and amateurs alike.

Oh, and his work has won some awards, too. Awards like Clios, Tellys, American Advertising Awards, and others.

Kayenn, US based Filmmaker of Indian origin.
Bryan, Director of Photography
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