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Founded in 2011, Rust Belt Entertainment is a film production company headed by Producer-Director Kayenn. A one stop shop for cutting-edge and trailblazing creativity, Rust Belt Entertainment ensures that its creativity, craftsmanship and execution supersedes the prevailing trend and constantly works to set new industry standards both, in delivery and in execution.

Previously Rust Belt Entertainment's founder Kayenn created several noteworthy ad-campaigns for some of the leading multinational consumer brands like Cadbury, Pepsi, Honda and Mitsubishi among dozen others. Furthermore, Hakuna Matata Entertainment, one of the many visual media companies founded by Kayenn, was entrusted with creating promotional audiovisual content for some of the Hollywood's biggest blockbusters i.e. Pulp Fiction, Beach, Titanic, Eraser, Jurassic Park, Twister, Terminator and Lion King. 

Rust Belt Entertainment. is currently in the process of setting up a subsidiary that will officiate as line producers and assist foreign film units planning to shoot in the US with all their production needs.  Rust Belt Entertainment. arrangements with Detroit, MI based Squirm, Inc. not only affords it unhindered access to its latest inventory of hi-tech film production equipment but, also Squirm's highly experienced and skilled technicians.

As Rust Belt Entertainments wholly owned subsidiary Rust Belt Pictures finalizes the script of an intense supernatural political thriller for Television, the development of a film based on Bryan's story about a little kid's tumultuous experience of dealing with his terminally ill friend, is also rapidly progressing towards fruition. Rust Belt Pictures has also optioned 3 award winning short stories and is in talks with acquiring the fourth story, all of which will be adapted into a screenplay for full-length feature.


A US based production house specializing in creating advertising commercials, documentaries, television shows and Films.


We develop, finance and produce feature films, function as a US co-producer and provide line production services for international producers that are developing projects to shoot in the

United States.

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